Designing Your Bathroom Oasis

The bathroom is an oasis for many people.  We go into our bathrooms to get some peace and quiet, relax from a hard day’s work and to really relieve stress.  When designing our bathroom, we tend to keep it neutral since many people in our families will use the same space and we want to keep it relaxing for all. 

Over time however, we will want to make changes to our bathrooms simply because over time our rooms will become old and dated.  To get started doing this, deciding on bathroom fixtures poughkeepsie ny and other components will be very important.


Colors are the primary thing that you want to look at.  With the colors you can make your room look much bigger than it typically is.  You want to have light color such as white, eggshell, pastel blues and browns.  When working with colors in your bathroom start with light earth tones.  This will make the room look bigger and feel more inviting.


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Lighting is also important.  With the bathroom you want to have more natural light than artificial light.  With artificial light you can revert to having your rom look small even though you have a light color.  What you want to do is have a window or other natural lighting source in the room.  At night this will also help with some natural lighting even if you are using artificial lights.


The layout of your room is also important.  You want to have space between the toilet and the vanity.  You want to have space between the tub and toilet.  For many people, the bathroom is a small space that doesn’t give you much room to move around.  This is why utilizing this space to its fullest potential is critical to achieving the results that you are looking to achieve.

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