How to Keep the Spread of COVID-19 Down in Your Office

We live in a new norm now that COVID-19 has taken the world by storm. While the world attempts to get back to pre-pandemic lifestyles, including returning to work, it is still important that you take appropriate measures to protect yourself, employees, and customers against the virus.  The added steps that you take to prevent the spread of COVID-19 gives customers and employees the assurance they need to come in each day.

A few steps to take to help protect your office during times of pandemic include:

·    Make sure employees wear face masks while inside the office.

·    Use disposable gloves to disinfect and clean surfaces of the office each day, parable more than once per day.

·    Hire janitorial cleaners pittsburgh! They offer professional cleaning that saves you time and gives you comfort that your facility is clean and well-kept at all times.

·    Use a high quality HEPA air filter in your AC system. Address any indoor air quality issues at the time of the threat.

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·    Maintain social distancing inside the office. Everyone should maintain six-foot space between each other to adhere to this policy.

·    Limit the number of people who come into the office. Ensure you offer employees added flexibility and consider accommodating schedules to reduce the spread of the virus.

·    Prohibit visitors or keep them to a minimum.

·    Use touchless entry whenever possible.

·    Offer support for employees who may be dealing with sick family members or other emotions in response to the pandemic.

·    Keep employees updated on concerns and needs.

·    Place signs up throughout the office to remind employees to maintain social distancing and to wear their masks.

We’re all in this together. With the tips above, staying pandemic free inside the office is so much easier.